Wire Frame Neck Brace –

A light- weight, comfortable neck brace.

Aspen Neck Brace –

Aspen cervical collars are designed to provide support and comfort. The structure of the collar is engineered to restrict motion without causing painful pressure points.

Lumbar Sacral Orthoses (LSO) –

The Lumbar Sacral Orthoses utilizes intra-abdominal pressure and metal stays to decrease loading on the spine and provide support.

Thorasic Lumbar Sacral Orhoses (TLSO) –

Jewett Brace –

A Jewett brace utilizes a three points pressure system which is used for controlling forward flexion of the spine. It is a hyperextension orthosis often used for anterior spinal fractures.

Custom Clam Shell –

This is a custom made plastic body brace that immobilizes the Lumbar and Thorasic spine, often used post-trauma.

Boston Overlap Brace –

The Boston Overlap Brace is a versatile, low-priced, easy-to-apply, medium-duty method for treating most indications where back pain is evident.

Sacral Iliac Brace –

With its unique design, the SI belt helps stabilize and support the sacroiliac joints.

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