Lower Extremity

Our KAFOs (Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses) and our AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthoses) are custom made for each patient and are fabricated with the individual’s needs in mind. We use a variety of styles, including rigid, energy storage, and articulated. With a wide range of joints and materials, we are able to address the specific needs of each patient individually.

Custom Made Ankle Brace –

This style of brace allows full range of ankle motion but provides extreme side to side stability.


– Hypermobile ankle joint
– Joint deformities which limit OTS ankle brace fit/function

Energy Storage AFO –

This is a fairly new design of AFO which utilizes energy storage principles to aid in propelling the affected limb forward.


– Mild to no tone
– Drop Foot
– No Contractures

Articulated AFO –

This is a more traditional style AFO which is frequently used to control dropfoot, with or without tone. Many options are used with this type of AFO including plantar flexion stops, dorsiflexion assist or limited motion joints and custom configured straps.


– Cerebral Palsy
– Stroke
– Spina bifida
– Neuropathy
– Multiple Sclerosis

Prefabricated AFO –

Walk On

Toe Off


KAFOs are full leg braces which are used when the muscle deficit is not controlled with a below the knee brace, or the knee is unstable because of ligament laxity, combined with foot and ankle muscle weakness. As with all custom braces, KAFOs are very individual. Depending on need, a variety of materials are used, including high temperature thermo-plastics and carbon fiber. The knee joint can be free motion, or a variety of lock styles can be used.


– Hip / knee / ankle weakness eg. post polio, paralysis, etc.

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