WalkAide: a major step forward in the treatment of foot drop.

WalkAide, a medical device more than a decade in development, has received marketing clearance from the FDA for improving the walking ability of people experiencing foot drop.

Developed by a team of researchers at a major university, WalkAide simulates the typical nerve-to-muscle signals in the leg and foot, which causes the foot to lift at the appropriate time in the walking cycle. This results in a smoother, more natural, and safer stepping motion.

Many people who try WalkAide experience immediate and substantial improvement in their walking ability, which increases their mobility, functionality, and overall independance.

Customized for your individual walking pattern

WalkAide is not a one size fits all device. Rather, a specially trained medical professional is required to fit and customize the WalkAide for you. Using WalkAnalyst, a multifaceted computer software program, the clinician will tailor WalkAide to your individual walking pattern for optimal effectiveness.

Talk to your doctor to see if WalkAide might be right for you. For more information, visit www.walkaide.com

Advanced technology that is easy to use

A sophisticated medical device, WalkAide uses advanced sensor technology to analyze the movement of your leg and foot. It then sends electrical signals to your peroneal nerve, which controls movement in your ankle and foot. These gentle, electrical pulses prompt the muscles to raise your foot at the appropriate time.

Although highly-advanced, WalkAide is surprisingly small and discreet, and quite easy to use. It consists of a battery-operated, single-channel electrical stimulator, two electrodes, and electrode leads.

Muscle therapy exercise mode for home use

WalkAide is an all-inclusive device with a pre-programmable exercise mode that allows you to exercise your muscles while resting for a set period of time as prescribed by your doctor.

    “Walking with my foot drop required so much energy that I always looked for a place to sit when I went out with my family. Now I can actually take my doctor’s advice and take more walks.”

    WalkAide user

    Advantages of WalkAide

    • Does not require surgery

    • Easy one-handed application and operation

    • Small, self-contained unit that attaches to the leg below the knee

    • Does not require orthopedic or special shoes

    • Minimal contact means maximum comfort with reduced perspiration

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